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Advancing the potential of our communities, customers and ourselves through exceptional service.

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Welcome to Service Alternatives' on-line training center.  If you are a Foster Parent, please feel free to choose any class and participate in the training.  If you are an employee of Service Alternatives, you must have permission from your program manager/supervisor before taking this course.

If you are a CES (Community & Employment Services) employee, please complete only the assignments under the CES category (on the left). You will not recieve credit for any other courses.

Each class lists the maximum amount of time to complete it.  If for some reason you expect to go over that time, and you are an SA employee, you must seek permission from your supervisor first. 

To enter a class, click on the listing below.

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Available Courses

Welcome to SA's on-line training service! 

This is a new project, and we are hoping to have things go smoothly, but sometimes the start can be tricky.  Over time, we are excited about bringing you more offerings here.

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